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LED running high temperature thermal double-sided adhesive how to solve the heat problem

Date: 2017-12-23
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   LED lighting components operating at high temperatures, our thermal double-sided adhesive can be useful to help solve their cooling problems.
Why solid-state lighting thermal double-sided adhesive thermal conductivity?
For more common incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lamps, the heat dissipation of the components can still be effectively blocked even if the product itself is operated for about 50% of the heat, so that the light source and the power supply socket will not be unexpectedly questioned due to heat. However, solid-state lighting is not the same, a single LED components to focus on the operation of high temperature, be sure to adopt more active methods of heat treatment, thermal deployment with automatic and useful double-sided adhesive heat treatment mechanism in order to avoid doubt the lamp.

   Thermal double-sided adhesive is how to deal with such thermal conductivity doubt?
LED solid state light source heat treatment doubt much more complex than traditional lamps. Traditional light sources or lamps and lanterns have more heat during the operation of doubt, such as halogen bulbs or incandescent bulbs, incandescent lamp way, that is, in the special handling of the lamp bulb heated tungsten light. In fact, the high temperature attack on the filament instead of the lamp holder, even if the lamp holder will be due to the light bulb glass or metal by the tungsten wire radiation heat, heat conduction indirectly high temperature, but the onset of the temperature at an acceptable safety scale, and then Coupled with non-direct thermal conductivity of conductive insulation, safety is relatively high.
Thermal double-sided adhesive for solid-state light source components of the heat what are the difficulties?
However, the LED solid-state light source into the way of light, its heat treatment will be about touch becomes a new security question. Most people think that LED with high power conversion power, low drive power advantages, high security of natural use, but in fact LED solid state light source in order to achieve the usual illumination of the intended use, be sure to increase the power of a single component to strengthen the unit For example, the luminaire factory will adopt the multi-LED component integration mode to enhance the output function, and the multi-component operation will also improve the LED solid-state light source light-prone point light source, so that the LED light source solid-state light source can be made as a light bulb Surface light source role

   If you want to enhance the output of a single unit lumens, be sure to higher current, so that the PN junction LED chip attack more lumens, but higher current LED single component will also make the temperature rise, more difficult to deal with, and even for Improve the performance of light-type lamps, light-emitting power and the use of multi-component and use the way, but also make the LED lamps with high temperature problems, so that the thermal problems more difficult to deal with.

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